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Junko Mori is one of the country’s most exciting and innovative contemporary metalsmiths. Coppiced Wood is an exhibition of new work that is a direct response to the unique position of the Holburne Museum within the eighteenth-century landscape of Sydney Gardens. This new work is significantly larger in scale than previous work. It is combined with loans of existing pieces by the artist to create a spectacular sculptural display in Ballroom Gallery table case.

Statement by Junko Mori
Through the stages of development on new body of my work, I felt the meaning of the word ‘Coppice’ is becoming more connected to my work.

Coppice – verb. to cut back (a tree or shrub) to ground level periodically to stimulate growth

In a coppiced wood, young tree stems are managed into small stumps and repeatedly produce many new shoots. Because of its vital power, they grow back as if they are trying to heal themselves as fast as possible. However, coppiced trees never grow back to their original form, in a way this is not natural, instead it is a unique way of training nature.

I have noticed the similarity between my practice and this ancient woodland management. In my making process, I do not pre-design my final work but let the components grow. Like coppicing, I just prepare a suitable environment to obtain desired forms.

Coppicing maintains trees at a juvenile stage; a regularly coppiced tree will never die of old age. I hope this exhibition represents my ongoing practice as one of those trees.

Junko is a prize-winning metalsmith whose work has been exhibited internationally. Her observations of tree and plant matter are the driving force behind many of her sculptures which vary in scale from small objects in precious metal through to larger welded steel works of art.

Exhibition in association with Adrian Sassoon



On The Table: Ballroom Gallery


Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays 11am to 5pm