Karen Wallis: Drawing the Development

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For over three years the artist Karen Wallis has followed every aspect of the Holburne’s development with pencil and sketchbook in hand. This exhibition shows the involving artistic record of the Holburne’s transformation that she has created in this time.

What emerges is a fascinating visual description of the process of construction but also a multifaceted portraits of the Museum and more especially the shifting and changing team of builders, contractors and craftsmen who have worked on the project. What began as a series of sketchbooks about the building process has grown into something more personal and ambitious.

The exhibition includes a series portraits of the people on site and larger drawings that attempt to contain some of the stories that have emerged during time that Karen has shared with the Museum and those who have worked here.

All of Karen\’s sketchbooks can be seen on her website here>>


Small Picture Gallery


10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm