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In 2006 Vincent Brown won the Holburne Dukes Portrait Prize with a portrait of his parents. Painting Aardman unveils the portrait commission he won as a result; a painting of the three Directors of the famous animation studio Aardman, home of Wallace & Gromit. The exhibition will explore the development of the portrait from initial studies to finished work and will also include wonderful pieces from the Aardman archive.

As winner of the 2006 Holburne Dukes Portrait Prize Vincent Brown was able to select the subject for his prize commission (the only stipulation being that it should be of someone connected to the arts in the South West). He chose to paint the Bristol-based Directors of Aardman Animations: Nick Park, Peter Lord and David Sproxton.

Preparatory studies for the commissioned work by Vincent Brown (from left to right Nick Park, Peter Lord and David Sproxton)

Painting Aardman is the Holburne’s final exhibition before it closes for a programme of refurbishment and extension. To mark the last exhibition at the Museum we will also be offering free entry throughout June to everyone.

We would like to thank our exhibition sponsor Savills and Aardman Animations for all their support.