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Simon Brett: Fifty Years of Wood Engraving
Wirth Gallery

Simon Brett is one of Britain’s leading wood engravers. He has made over a thousand engravings for limited edition prints, bookplates and, most often, book illustrations. This exhibition celebrates the half century he has spent making wood engravings since his student days at St Martin’s School of Art.

Following a period of travel, Simon Brett settled down as an art teacher at Marlborough College, where he met his wife the painter Juliet Wood. His work as an illustrator began in earnest in the 1980s, when he established his own imprint, Paulinus Press. His illustrations have since appeared in over sixty books, many of them for private presses.

An ingenious gift for expressing abstract ideas through images means he is particularly sought out for works of philosophy, poetry, theology and literature. At the same time, his style is infinitely adaptable, from delicate miniature vignettes for poems to large, heroic works that combine text and image.

For this exhibition, Simon Brett has made a selection from the Christmas cards he has created during the five decades since 1963. Together they unlock a lifetime’s work.



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