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IMO (Ideas, Materials and Objects). BA Course- 2nd Year Students

This collaboration with BSU students aims to explore how Sound can be use as a tool to engage our visitors by shifting their perceptions of the Holburne Museum and its surroundings.



Sound Shift Holburne is an exhibition that explores how sound can be altered and perceived by a series of sound installations designed and created by second year Three Dimensional Design students from Bath Spa University .
For the last three years, the Holburne Museum and Bath Spa University students have collaborated to draw attention and explore how design can be used as a tool to inspire the museums visitors to engage with the building, its collections and its surroundings through multi-sensory installations.

This year the students are working with the museums curators and their tutors Andrew Haythornthwaite and Jordi Canudas to develop a series of installations inspired by the Holburne Museum.

An exhibition showcasing the students installations will be held within the museum from Monday 22 February to Sunday 28 February. A free public event entitled ‘Up Late!’ will be held on Friday 26th February where three of the installations will be installed across the site for visitors to interact with.