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We believe that the enjoyment of arts changes lives and seek to find ways to be more accessible to people who might not otherwise engage with the Museum.  Over the years we  have worked with a wide variety of local community groups; often this work has relied on funding from grant-giving bodies and generous individuals.

Great media coverage for Prized Possessions

Here’s a selection of some of the media coverage generated by our exhibition Prized Possessions: Masterpieces from National Trust Houses: The Times – A review written by Rachel Campbell-Johnston described our exhibition as ‘…a chance simply to stand and gaze...

Bath to Baghdad

Ellen Tanner’s Collection of Middle Eastern Art 14 June to 21 October 2018 Sumptuous textiles, delicate carved woodwork and lacquer and elaborately decorated metalwork from the collection of Ellen Tanner, on show for the first time following a major conservation...