Giving shares is one of the most tax-effective ways of donating to us.

The donor can claim income tax relief, no matter what the total market value of the shares. For example, if you are a higher rate taxpayer and you donate £1,000 worth of shares to the Museum, then you will pay £400 less in income tax that year. Additionally, no capital gains tax will apply to any increase in the value of the shares donated to us. In order to qualify for the relief, the shares must be listed or dealt on a recognised stock exchange.

The gift of shares will be free from capital gains tax, which means that for the Holburne Museum the gift is worth more than if you had sold shares yourself. The extent of the difference depends on how much capital gains tax you would have paid so we advise consultation with a tax adviser/accountant to determine your own situation.

Shares can be transferred to the Holburne Museum upon completion of a transfer document completed by you and returned to us with the share certificate.

Please contact our Head of Development for more information on 01225 388564.