The Smallest Show on Earth

Friday 11 July, 7.30pm
The Smallest Show on Earth
IN CONVERSATION with Tessa Farmer, Tim Cockerill and Petra Lange-Berndt
Tickets £10/ £8 FREE for Holburne Contemporaries

Tessa Farmer is the creator of the miniature world of sinister fairies and their insect cohorts that currently infest our galleries. For this event, Tessa will be joined by zoologist Dr Tim Cockerill and art historian Dr Petra Lange-Berndt, as she discusses the developing mythology of her fantastical world and the technical challenges that she faces in realising her visions.
After several years researching the history and techniques of the flea circus, Tim has uncovered previously unseen footage and photos of the fleas in action. Tim has also tracked down the last remaining Flea Circus Professors, who have taught him the secret techniques of flea training.

Petra will give a survey on artists working with living insects, and insect remains, in modern and contemporary art focusing on the theoretical concept of the swarm and swarming.

In Partnership with Bath Spa

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