Universities Week

Universities Week 7 - 15 June 2014

As part of the national Universities Week 2014, with its theme Ideas for Life, Bath School of Art and Design at Bath Spa University presents Futurkammer. Futurkammer builds on the idea of the wunderkammer and the recent Bath Spa University publication, Artists Work in Museums: Histories, Interventions, Subjectivities (Wunderkammer Press, 2013). This intervention by the artist Gavin Turk on the Davidson Ballroom table proposes an idea for a ‘cabinet of curiosities' of the future. Gavin Turk is Professor of Art and Design at Bath Spa University.

Gavin Turk
Painted bronze

In 1928 Rene Magritte famously painted a picture of a pipe with the text 'ceci n'est pas une pipe' painted underneath it, forcing the viewer to question the representational nature of art forever afterwards.

Gavin Turk for the project ‘Pipe' found a dirty obsolete exhaust pipe from a crashed transit van and using molten bronze to cast its shape and oil paints to affect its surface created a trompe l'oeil of this thing. This metal intestine, whose original function was to be part of the processing of diesel fuel; channelling the combustion gas out into the world, now memorialised and displayed corpse like in a steel and glass vitrine. The ‘pregnant snake-object' holds up an anthropological mirror to societies reliance on roads and transportation and the consumption of resources at the heart of this. The pipe was once a symbol of more innocent times as Bertrand Russell and his fellow intellectuals puffed their way to enlightenment and the brave new world.

A programme of talks and events led by Bath School of Art and Design will explore the idea of Futurkammer. Please join in!

Monday 9 June, 6pm
Keith Harrison, In Conversation
Free, but please book T 01225 388569
Following from his V&A Residency in Ceramics, Keith Harrison will explore the idea of subversive ceramics.

Tuesday 10 June, 7.30pm
Free, but please book T 01225 388569
Artists and the Twenty-First Century Museum
A panel debate which discusses the role artists and makers play in museums today. Chaired by Professor Anita Taylor with a panel of eminent UK artists and makers.

Thursday 12 & Friday 13 June, 1-2pm
Free, but please book T 01225 388569
Informal exchanges led by Bath School of Art and Design students exploring the role that artists and makers have in interpreting museum collections.

In Partnership with Bath Spa University

Universities Week Ideas for Life 9 - 15 June 2014

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