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An amazing experience of colour, music and light for all ages

Colourscape is a celebration for the senses, an amazing experience of colour, music and light for all ages. 25 interlinked coloured chambers form a labyrinth on the front lawn of the Museum. Put on a cape and immerse yourself in a new world made up of soft curved edges filled with intense colour, and discover performance spaces filled with music and dancing.

NEW – Virtual Queue

Due to the huge popularity of our Colourscape Festival at the Holburne there have been long queues.

To alleviate queuing time for visitors we have created a new “virtual queuing” system. When you arrive you will be given your number in the queue and a time for you to return to ensure your place in the “invisible” queue is maintained.

We do recommend that you come early in the day to guarantee entry to Colourscape. We will start issuing entry times at 10.30am. It is likely that all places will be allocated by 1pm, so do come early and then you can leave to enjoy all of the other great summer activities at the Holburne.

Colourscape has a maximum daily capacity of 450 people.

Whilst waiting for your entry time don’t forget to visit the Museum, we have lots for you to see and do. You can also purchase refreshments from the Museums Garden Café.

Tickets for Colourscape cannot be purchased in advance, online or from inside the Museum. All entry is sold at the entrance to Colourscape on the day.

If you, or anyone in your group, has specific questions relating to how your experience of Colourscape might be affected by an autism spectrum disorder please contact Spencer Hancock:

Monday Aug 20 to Thurs Aug 23 – Michael Ormiston presents Family-friendly free-flowing workshops and performances. Mongolian Overtone Singing, Tibetan Singing Bowls and instruments from around the world. You can join in on an extraordinary range of unusual instruments. Great for all ages from babies to grandparents!

Friday Aug 24: Symphony of the Senses: Music based on sounds of the human body and dancers PLUS fragrances weave all the senses into a Symphony taking place in the intense colour labyrinth

Saturday Aug 25: Sylvia Hallett plays Musical Bicycle Wheel (the spokes tuned and bowed!) with many unusual instruments of slate, shells and wood played by local musician Mike Adcock

Sunday Aug 26: Consortium return to the Holburne Colourscape with a range of music for recorders from very small to very large

Monday Aug 27: Flutes of the World: Shakuhachi, Thai flutes, piccolo, bass flute and even a giant Sub-contrabass create a whole orchestra of flutes in Colourscape

Tues Aug 28 to Wed Aug 29 – Michael Ormiston concludes the festival and you, the public, can join in a final feast of music and colour.