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An Evening Concert with An-Ting Chang (Director) and Diana Brekalo (Pianist)

Music performance and theatre company, Concert Theatre, bring to life Anne Brontë’s groundbreaking work The Tenant of Wildfell Hall with a woman’s valiant struggle for independence and creative freedom.

In an innovative hybrid concert-theatre form, a live pianist and two actors tell the moving story through music and speech in a modern gallery setting.
Music and drama collide to offer new perspectives on Brontë’s radical feminist text through three composer’s works; Scriabin’s 24 Preludes, Mozart’s Violin Sonata No. 26 and Brahms’ Rhapsody.

“strikingly innovative” The Telegraph on Sonata Movements
“the best physical theatre I’ve ever seen”**** Everything Theatre on Kiss of the Earth
“breathtaking and original” *****Views from the Gods on Kiss of the Earth

”Bravura performances from both, Smith May and Bonger lace this quintessentially feminist tale with gentle sentiment, tugged heartstrings and raging despair.”  ★★★★☆ Simon Bishop, 27th April 2017