Holburne Ceramic Sample

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The Holburne Museum has applied to B&NES Council to amend the colour of the ceramic which will face the first and second floors of the extension.

The ceramic has always been an important element of the design of the extension. Ceramic is a reflective material and so will change with the light and reflect the leaves and sky.

A sample of ceramic has already been approved by the planners and although this is undoubtedly a beautiful material it is the view of the architect and the Museum that a second proposed sample would be even more sympathetic to its surroundings.

Both the approved sample and the Museum’s preferred sample use two different glazes – one on top of the other – to give a dappled effect- recalling light through leaves or the weathering of stone. Both have the same upper glaze but in the preferred sample the background colour is both darker and tonally slightly warmer than the approved sample.

Samples of both the approved and proposed ceramic have been mounted on the first floor of the building and can be seen over the hoardings by entering the back gate of the Museum. The ceramic samples will be on view from 29 October to 13 November 2009.


For further information please contact:
Katie Jenkins, Communications Officer,
The Holburne Museum of Art
T: 01225 820818
E: k.jenkins@bath.ac.uk

Published on: 29/10/2009