Prior Park College Students Review Bruegel Exhibition

Students from Prior Park College visited the Holburne to find out how to write exhibition reviews. Here are some quotes from their reviews of Bruegel: Defining a Dynasty.
‘There is something for every artistic preference and it enables artist and amateur alike to truly connect with the masterpieces.’

‘The informative, crash-course nature of this exhibition will turn an irritant teenager into a Bruegel-fanatic.’

‘The exhibition caters to a wide variety of tastes. There are flowers, different scenarios of groups of people and still life paintings.’

‘Beautiful complexity’

‘Each painting has its own story to tell.’

‘The exhibition takes you through the twists and turns of middle-ages life.’

‘This exhibition wasn’t the type that I would go to visit but the amount of skill and precision in these paintings was the thing to see.’

‘These paintings capture the community spirit of the people in this era.’