Curious Cabinet

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The Curious Cabinet: From There to Here
Thursday 4 July until Friday 26 July

This is our response to the Secret Splendour exhibition of Baroque cabinets at the Holburne Museum.
We noticed that many of the cabinets hid a wealth of colour and detail inside their dark exteriors.
Our installation piece explores journeys: whether physical, spiritual, intellectual or emotional. Text, images and found objects are interwoven to create narratives of journeys made. Come, be curious and make your own journey of discovery.

The Gardener’s Lodge Art Group at the Holburne in partnership with The Genesis Trust

Wade Parsons, John Gordon, Cliff Turner, Henry, Albert Loveridge, Adam and David.
With Louise Campion, Susannah Critchley and Gillian McFarland

The Gardener’s Lodge Art Group at the Holburne
Our group meets in the Gardener’s Lodge in Sydney Gardens and is part of the Holburne Museum’s outreach programme.
We offer creative opportunities to people who have been affected by homelessness and receive housing related support.
The group provides a friendly and supportive space in which people can develop their arts skills, be creative and meet other people in a safe environment.
We get involved in lots of different art projects and exhibitions in Bath and the local area.

We believe that the enjoyment of art can change peoples lives!