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Start a Pathway to Professional Creativity.

Make connections, meet interesting people, learn something new. Get involved and gain a wealth of experience.

The majority of volunteers work within galleries as Gallery Stewards. They assist with visitor questions and queries whilst keeping a watchful eye on our precious collection being aware that balancing their time between visitor service and collection security is vital to the role.

  • Through an interview and informal discussion our volunteers can nominate other areas within the Museum in which to be involved. We encourage a greater involvement to ensure continued learning, enhancement of skills and personal development through engagement and commitment to the Museum and its collection.
  • In 2015 our end of year report showed that 37% of our volunteer team were between the ages of 16 and 30. This is a substantial amount of young students and professionals engaging with the heritage and arts sector in The South West. For me it is important to nurture this demographic giving opportunities to Graduates and students to further their experience. However at the same time those job specific opportunities are available to all Volunteers within the project.
  • All of our staff members know the importance of the Volunteer Programme at the Holburne Museum, which is why it is so successful; we have the full support of our Learning department, Curatorial Department, our Board of Trustees and of course our Director Chris Stephens.
  • Before creating a job specific role for a Volunteer we ensure that there is a clear and concise Role profile for that individual.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for a wide range of positions within the Museum. From now on there will be all kinds of part-time and occasional opportunities available to suit all ages and abilities, and in all areas of our Museum.

Our volunteer programme offers a friendly environment in which to socialise and make new friends. We programme monthly social and learning events designed specifically for our volunteers. These ensure we maintain a high level of welcome and visitor satisfaction across the entire Museum.

If you are interested in joining our team please complete the online form or contact Spencer Hancock at s.hancock@holburne.org

What Volunteering means to us 

The roles undertaken by volunteers here at the Museum are considered some of the most important across the organisation. The role a volunteer undertakes allows us to offer the highest quality of visitor experience whilst involving the local community in our work. Without the support of volunteers the Museum would not be able to deliver the range of events, exhibitions, education workshops and care for our collection that we produce. Whether you are able to offer a few hours a month or a day or two a week it is your time and energy that makes the Holburne Museum one of the most exciting, innovative and engaging museums in the country.


Why We Volunteer

What do I like best about volunteering at the Holburne ?  Having the chance to share the Museum with the public, to share some of the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, to have contact with the children who come with schools and families, to get closer to all these wonderful things on display, and learn about them – where does it end ?  I just have a really lovely time

Trish Tassis

I feel that my experience at the Holburne is really improving my chances of securing an assistant curatorship role. However, I know that, when I finally land that job, I will be very sad the leave the Holburne, its staff and volunteering team. I would be the first to recommend to anybody interested in museums and art to take up a volunteering post here.

Ben Hill 

Personally, I gain too much to put into words, but I enjoy every moment. From Collection cleaning to talking to visitors to leaning about the new exhibition. But, and this happen on Monday – a new volunteer was on her second shift with us. I introduced her to the highlights of the Picture Gallery. She made many notes as I took her around. Afterwards she thanked me with a huge smile. What else could one ask for

John Green 

Holburne Volunteers nominated for another award

The Volunteers at the Holburne Museum have once again been nominated in the category of Best Volunteer Team in BANES at the Chairman of the Councils Community Awards. This is the fourth year that the committed Volunteers at the Holburne...

Teen Volunteers Sign Up

October has seen a large increase in the number of Volunteers join our programme here at the Holburne Museum. More than 20 teenagers have signed up to increase their work experience and gain valuable knowledge from the Museums staff team...