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The Holburne Future Collective

The Holburne Future Collective is a new project for young people, by young people. It endeavours to provide opportunities to interact with art and artists within the Museum sphere as well as a space to have the future perspective heard. We are busy preparing a range of blog posts and media content which will be published on the Museum’s website and across our social media platforms. In addition to opinion pieces we are looking forward to creating some behind the scenes content of the inner workings of museum life. Officially launching on the 24 of February through hosting an UP LATE at the Holburne, we will focus on the question: What does the future of museums look like to you? The night will premier our exclusive interview with Turner Bursary recipient Alberta Whittle, whose new exhibition opened at the Holburne last month as well as interactive stands which will encourage creativity and thought about the future of the museum and gallery sector. There will be music and drinks available throughout the evening from the Museum’s café. We can’t wait to see you there!

The Holburne Future Collective Team