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Fairy Christmas Party

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Following her successful installation in the Collection galleries earlier this year, Tessa Farmer and her wayward skeleton fairies have returned for one last hurrah. The fairies have returned, landing their spaceship (of sea urchin, crab, butterfly and bug) on top of the shop’s Christmas tree.

Tessa explains that the fairies exit the spaceship through their flume (worm cast) to awaiting dragonfly taxis. Three fairies have already hailed a taxi, preparing to wreak Christmas havoc whilst wearing party hats.

The festive fare for their party is delivered on mini-spaceships propelled by Portuguese Man-of-War swim bladders. Served most appropriately on blue and white china, culinary delights include the fairies favourite treat – roast bee.

Some of the more troublesome fairies head straight for the claret and may now be too inebriated to enjoy the delicious food awaiting them at other baubles. Who knows what they will do while we aren’t looking!


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