Love Life: David Hockney Drawings 1963-1977

Love Life: David Hockney Drawings 1963-1977


David Hockney is one of the greatest draughtsmen of all time, and his drawings of the 1960s and 1970s are among his finest works. This selection of both well-known and unfamiliar drawings demonstrates how his love of life is expressed through his extraordinary ability to closely observe and translate into art the world around him. Friends, places and inanimate objects are all depicted with insight and energy.

With an introductory essay by the Holburne Museum’s Director Chris Stephens, richly illustrated with images including ravishing details in full page and spreads, this book serves as a delightful celebration of Hockney’s extraordinary power of observation and skill in using tiny, mundane details to help capture a situation, a sitter’s character, or a place.

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Publisher: Pallas Athene
ISBN: 9781843682202
Number of pages: 96
Hardback dimensions: 232 x 229 x 14 mm

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