Thomas Lawrence: Coming of Age catalogue


Thomas Lawrence: Coming of Age catalogue

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This book offers a thorough review of the first twenty-five years of the artist Thomas Lawrence’s life. Recognised as a child prodigy, his artistic practice was predominantly self-taught and he developed his inimitable style early on, sketching customers at his father’s Wiltshire pub. His career began at the age of eleven when he started creating pastel portraits of Bath’s most fashionable and notable visitors having moved to the city with his family. Considered to be the leading British portrait artist of the early 19th Century, by the age of 21 Lawrence was painting the most lauded portraits in the Royal Academy’s annual exhibition and became a member of the Academy in 1794. A great commercial success, in later years he spent time in Europe painting commissioned portraits for the Prince Regent.

This richly illustrated book explores the young Lawrence’s self-image, the influence of his years spent in Bath and his shrewd use of celebrity, printed media & the Royal Academy to grow his reputation. Examining in particular his sensitive portrayals of both youth & advancing age, this book offers an insight into British high society at the time and includes portraits of celebrities, politicians and members of the Royal Family.

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Table of contents

Author’s Acknowledgements
CHAPTER 1 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Prodigy
CHAPTER 2 Striking Likenesses
CHAPTER 3 Old Masters and New Horizons
CHAPTER 4 Risking my Reputation
CHAPTER 5 The Most Hazardous Step
CHAPTER 6 Gleams of Power
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