Art Strike for Climate Crisis

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Art Strike for Climate Crisis

Art Strike for Climate Crisis

Holburne Museum puts painting on strike for #ClimateStrike

The Holburne Museum has put one of our paintings, Brueghel’s Robbing the Bird’s Nest on strike today in support of the young people taking part in climate strikes around the world since Greta Thunberg started the movement in 2018.

The Museum has selected this popular art work and removed it from public view for a day, replacing it with the #ArtStrike message “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. Art Strike is encouraging people to join the thousands that are expected to take to the streets on Friday 20 September to demand more action from the government on the climate crisis.

This is the first time the Museum has removed an artwork in support of action on climate change, and organisers hope it will lead to a spate of similar ‘art strikes’ in museums up and down the UK.

The Holburne is proud to be taking action alongside other National Galleries and Museums and supporting the hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide to help spread this important message.