Felicity Hammond Surface Treatment

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Felicity Hammond Surface Treatment

Felicity Hammond Surface Treatment

We’re excited to announce Felicity Hammond’s new site specific installation, Surface Treatment. Emerging from the waters of Cleveland Pools, Surface Treatment brings themes including architectural heritage, our built environment and the city’s changing relationship to water to one of Bath’s most cherished historical locations. Developed by the artist and Holburne curator Will Cooper, this project is the first in a programme of off site exhibitions, commissions and projects that will bring the best contemporary art into Bath.

Surface Treatment explores ideas of excavation, archaeology and restoration, all of which are fundamental to the civic identity of the city. Looking to respond to the distinct context of Bath, Surface Treatment mimics the materials, scale and rhythm of many of the city’s most recognisable buildings.

Cleveland Pools are just a short walk from the Holburne. Further information, including a map, is available from the Museum’s front desk.

Please note, the site is not accessible by car. Please arrive on foot.

Thanks to the residents of Hampton Row and Cleveland Pools Trust.
Supported by Arts Council England and the University of Bath.