Meet the Museum


2 hour workshop for a maximum of 32 pupils

Art & Design

  • Use a range of materials creatively
  • Find out about a range of artists, craft makers and


  • Vocabulary
  • Differences
  • Representation
  • Historical enquiry
  • Questioning & Communication


Speaking and Listening

Meet the Museum Workshop

Meet the Museum

Discover Sir William Holburne’s wonderful collection in this workshop designed to introduce children to museums as places full of wonderful things from the past and present, from near and far; places to explore, inspire and be creative.

Pupils will:

  • Discover what museums are for
  • Handle, discuss and sort museum objects
  • Explore the galleries with fun ‘challenge cards’
  • Work in groups to create mini-museums, developing
    drawing and modelling skills

For any queries relating to this workshop or to book please contact           01225 388568

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