Sensory Bags

Sensory Bags

What is a Sensory Bag?

Sensory Bags offer a range of fun, interactive sensory resources and toys designed to support and enhance your visit to the museum. The bags have been designed to support visitors with additional sensory needs but anyone can book out and use a Sensory bag to accompany their time in the museum.


What do you get in the Holburne Museum’s Sensory Bags?

The Holburne has 4 Sensory bags available to borrow, each one is a different colour but contains the same type of resources and toys. The bags contents and design take inspiration from the objects, stories and themes in the museum’s collection. They each include:-

  • 1 squeeze ball fidget toy
  • 1 twisted tangle fidget toy
  • 1 spiky circle fidget toy
  • 1 set of ear defenders
  • 1 sand timer
  • 1 view magnifier
  • 1 feelings chart
  • 1 colour changing viewfinder
  • 1 ‘Textiles of the Holburne’ touch materials set
  • 1 reusable drawing tablet
  • 1 animal cuddly toy

How do I book to use a Sensory Bag?

We require a £10 refundable deposit to borrow a Sensory Bag during your visit to the museum. When booking out a bag we require a name, contact email and contact number.

You can either pre-book for your Sensory bag online here or pay with the museum’s front desk on the day.

Your £10 deposit will be refunded to you when you have returned the Sensory Bag at the end of your visit.