Using AI to re-imagine our museum collection

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We’ve been working with artist-technologist and Senior Lecturer in Creative Computing at Bath Spa University, Coral Manton, to explore and re-imagine objects and artworks in our Collection.

Starting with images of some of the paintings and objects in our Collection, we used a generative AI model to ‘imagine’ what lay beyond the border. In the centre of each image is the original from The Holburne Collection, while the space around it is entirely constructed by generative AI, drawing from information available in the digital realm. The resulting range of images reveal some beautiful and sometimes surprising compositions.

Coral Manton said: “This project reflects on both how museum collections and AI dataset were amassed, and how we can use AI to explore museum collections in new ways.”

Dr Chris Stephens, Director of the Holburne Museum commented: “These images are so insightful, showing how AI draws its intelligence – and perhaps that there’s still a way to go before it can create works to rival the likes of Gainsborough or Angelica Kauffmann!”

We’ll be sharing further insights from this project in the coming months.