Make and create at home, inspired by objects and paintings from the Holburne Museum’s collection!

Over 20 fun, downloadable activity sheets – created to support people during lockdown and beyond.

Use whatever you have at home and enjoy some calming creativity!

Expressive Portraits – In this week’s activity we will be taking inspiration from the recent Nicholas Pope exhibition: Portraits of a Marriage.  Artist Lucia Harley will show you how to make paper or card sculptures based on a person or relationship – intrigued? Download our FREE activity sheet to find out how!

For further inspiration, download our Inspiration Sheet.

13 Oct 2021

Form and Emotion – Today we will be exploring emotions by looking at different colours, textures, shapes and forms in relation to each other, using bottles, paints, fabrics and bits and bobs from around your home. Artist Susie Walker will show you how!

Click here to view our artist’s video demonstration

6 Oct 2021

Paper Garlands – In this week’s activity artist/illustrator Sam Church will inspire you to make some Greek paper garlands – intrigued?

Download our FREE activity sheet to find out how!

29 Sep 2021

Botanical Butterflies & Bugs – This week we’re creating Bugs and Butterflies from natural materials found outside, then incorporating these into a design for a plate.

Artist Susie Walker will show you how!

Click here to view our artist’s video demonstration

22 Sep 2021

A New Room for Thomas Lawrence – Today artist/illustrator Sam Church will inspire you to have a go at some interior decoration – intrigued? Download our FREE activity sheet to find out how!

Click here to see our artist’s video demonstration 

21 Apr 2021

Piecing together a vase – This week we’re making mosaic vases from recycled envelopes with a bit of inspiration from Wedgwood – sound intriguing? Download our FREE activity sheet to find out how!

Click here for our artist’s video demonstration

14 Apr 2021

Folded Minibook Squash Books- Museums exhibit and care for precious objects. Look after and display your own art by creating a special book – artist Karen Woodfield will show you how!

Click here to view our artist’s video demonstration

07 Apr 2021

Kitchen Cupboard Portrait- Today we are taking inspiration from the superb portraiture skills of artist Thomas Lawrence. However unlike Lawrence we are putting down our paints and using materials found a little closer to home. Create a portrait using coffee and other store cupboard staples!

Click here to view our artist’s video demonstration.

31 Mar 2021

A Flight of (Fondant) Fancy – Today we are following in the footsteps of Pablo Bronstein to make everyday objects, buildings and man-made structures absolutely fabulous!

Click here to view our artist’s video demonstration.

24 Mar 2021

The Making of Me Collage – Taking our inspiration from Thomas Lawrence, today we are exploring self portraiture through the medium of collage. We’ll explore words, phrases or ideas that have made an impression on us and influenced our lives and who we are today. For some extra inspiration click here for a selection of images selected by artist Ella Bryant Making of me Collage Extra Resources 

Click here for our artist’s video demonstration

17 Mar 2021

Let’s Make a Scene! – Today we are being inspired by Canaletto’s cityscapes (Veduta) to create a miniature ‘Scene in a Tin’. We’ll learn how to layer our scene to create a 3D effect.

Click here to watch our artist’s video demonstration

10 Mar 2021

Telling Tales – stories around us – This week we are looking at objects with a story to tell. Draw an object of your own and have fun decorating it to tell it’s story. We’ll show you some examples from our collection to give you inspiration.

Click here to watch our artist’s video demonstration

03 Mar 2021

Mindful Doodles – Taking inspiration from Islamic metalwork – Have a go at Zen doodles for fun and relaxation while also learning about the art of Islamic metalwork.

Click here to watch our artist’s video demonstration

24 Feb 2021

Venice Skylines Canaletto Inspires – Venice is coming to the Holburne Museum so take inspiration from these beautiful paintings and create your own folded skyline!

Click here to watch our artist’s video demonstration

17 Feb 2021

A Feast Fit to Draw! – This week take inspiration from Still Life with Shellfish and Fruit. Enjoy arranging your own still life from food and objects around your home. Make it dramatic by lighting it from one side in a dark area.

16 Dec 2020

Bead Basket Bonanza – This week be inspired by a beautiful bead basket from the Holburne’s collection to build up your own patterns or images using dots like in Pointillism paintings.

09 Dec 2020

A Passion for Papercuts! – This week is all about contrast and outline so why not take a look at this week’s activity and the Holburne’s collection to make your own paper silhouettes?

02 Dec 2020

Netsuke – A Whole World in Your Palm – Be inspired by the Holburne’s collection to design your own netsuke to nestle in your hand!

25 Nov 2020

Islamic Metalwork Inspires – Take inspiration from an exquisite metalwork object made in Syria over 600
years ago and make your own geometric patterns!

18 Nov 2020

Autumn Vases – Design and decorate your own autumn vase inspired by Grayson Perry.
Watch this film about some of some of the vases in our exhibition Grayson Perry The Pre-therapy years.

11 Nov 2020

Time Well SpentMagical Mandalas – Taking clocks and repeating pattern as  inspiration have fun creating your own mandala from a variety of materials.

8 July 2020

Cabinet of Curiosity – Have fun making, decorating, drawing or painting your own ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ inspired by the Holburne’s Wonderful Witcombe Cabinet.

Find out more about our Witcombe Cabinet here.

1 July 2020

A Passion for Pattern – Create a beautiful repeat pattern design to decorate a textile square or tile inspired by our exquisite embroideries, textiles and tiles from Iran and Syria.

24 June 2020

Big Wigs! – Take inspiration from our 18th century prints to draw an over–the-top hair-do!

Find out more about Laurence Hyde’s full-bottom wig here.

17 June 2020

A Stitch in Time: Embroidery & Stumpwork – Create a mixed media scene inspired by the Holburne’s enchanting embroidery collection.

Find out more about our Stumpwork collection here.

10 June 2020

Animals: Escape from the Museum! – Choose one of the animals from our collection and create a new imaginary environment for it.

Find out more about animals in our collection here.

3 June 2020

A Room with a View? – Today’s activity is to create a view from a window.

Find out more about our inspirational Flemish painting Virgin and Child here

27 May 2020

Silhouettes: Shapes and Shadows! – Create a silhouette from household objects or shadows found in nature and around your house.

Find out more about silhouettes in our collection here

20 May 2020

Still Life – The Objects that Surround Us!

Find out more about our Dutch still life here

13 May 2020

Made in Japan – Design and decorate an Imari style plate or dish.

Find out more about Imari porcelain here

6 May 2020

Box of Delights – Have Fun Making and Decorating a Miniature Box!

29 April 2020

The Holburne – Changing Face – Rethink the façade of the Holburne and it’s front lawn!

22 April 2020

House of Spoons – Help create a virtual House of Spoons for this year’s Fringe Arts Bath festival.

See a short film trailer here to help you with the activity.

15 April 2020

Be Inspired by Josiah! – Create a vase design for Josiah Wedgwood’s fashionable showroom in Bath!

8 April 2020

A Fashionable Family – Have fun doing a fashion-makeover on our celebrity Georgian family, The Byams.

1 April 2020

Fabulous Fans – Make and decorate a beautiful Georgian style paper fan

25 March 2020

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